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Fastfood, done good!

Wattaria, The best Fastfood Cafetaria of Bonaire!
Enjoy the tastiest traditional Dutch snacks, burgers, milkshakes, soft ice cream and more!
Whether you fancy a delicious hamburger, a tasty frikandel or a creamy soft ice cream,
you are of course at the right place at Wattaria! Enjoy the view on our terrace or
sit inside our cafetaria underneath the Apple tree!

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Bonaire Green Project

Together, we contribute to a cleaner and ‘greener’ Bonaire.
By donating a small contribution with each *order, Wattaria and you support organizations that are committed to a more environmentally friendly and cleaner Bonaire.
*Applies to Delivery & Takeout orders

Let’s eat!

Now that's a burger

Enjoy your favorite burgers at Wattaria, choose between a wide variaty of tasty delicious high class burgers.
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The gold standard

Enjoy our delicious golden
French Fries in several different sizes. Don’t forget to pick your
favorite sauce.
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Traditionaly Dutch

Taste our traditional Dutch Snacks. Which one is your favorite? Besure
to give them all a try some time!
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